Sociology provides tools to understand problems and problematize our understandings about everyday assumptions.  From this position of reflexivity, students of sociology can better pursue goals of tracing the roots of structural patterns of injustice, giving voice to underrepresented communities, and suggesting alternative strategies of social engagement.  My goal, as a teacher, is to demystify the social rules which seem inherent to everyday life and make familiar the strangers of other social worlds.


From the classroom to field research, I invite my students to broach social questions with analytical rigor and empathy in order to trace interesting connections between course material, historical context, current events, and personal experience.  I aim to equip students with the empirical knowledge and theoretical frameworks to intellectually engage within and beyond the field of sociology and effectively communicate their budding contributions.

Take a look through my sample syllabi and lesson plans, student feedback, and a sampling of my guest lectures.  I regularly update this teaching resource page.