We Still Live Here: Infrastructures, Identities, and the Power of Place in the American Rust Belt, under contract with Columbia University Press.

Refereed Journals

2020     “Performing transparency, embracing regulations: Corporate framing to mitigate environmental conflicts.” Environmental Sociology, forthcoming. (with Erik Kojola)

2017    ““We made the choice to stick it out”: Negotiating a stable home in the rural, American Rust Belt.” Journal of Rural Studies, 53.

  • 2017-2018 Genevieve Gorst Herfurth Award, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • 2017 Peter K. New Award Winner, Society for Applied Anthropology.
  • 2017 Olsen Student Paper Award, Environmental Sociology Section, American Sociological Association.
  • 2017 Best Graduate Student Paper Award, Rural Sociological Society.
  • 2017 Wimberly Paper Award, Community, Health, and Family Research Interest Group, Rural Sociological Society.
  • 2017 Student Paper Award, Natural Resources Research Interest Group, Rural Sociological Society.

2015     “Keeping the farm in the family name: Patrimonial narratives and negotiations among German-heritage farmers,” March 2015, Rural Sociology 80(1).

Book Chapters

2020 “The everyday sociological imagination: Co-creating new knowledge through story and radio,” In Routledge International Handbook on Public Sociology. L. Hossfeld, B. Kelly, and C. Hossfeld (Editors). Routledge: NY.

2018    “Power, politics and rurality.” In Routledge Companion to Rural Planning. Eds. Mark Scott, Nick Gallent and Menelaos Gkartzios (Editors). Routledge: NY. (with Michael M. Bell)

Book Reviews

2017    In the Blood: Understanding America’s Farm Families, by Robert Wuthnow, (Princeton University Press: Princeton, NJ), Journal of American Studies 51(2).

Public sociology/in the spotlight

2020 “Environmental Sociologist Amanda McMillan Lequieu on using case studies in the classroom” University of California Press, Case Studies of the Environment blog.

2020 Junior Theorist Symposium Conference Preview essay, “Theorizing the Absent Object: Industrial Transportation Infrastructure Decline as Narrative Symbol in the American Rust Belt,” Perspectives (Summer 2020). Newsletter of the American Sociological Association’s Theory section.

2018     with Josh Pacewicz, Shannon Elizabeth Bell, and Colin Jerolmack. “Between Declension and Nostalgia: Bringing a Comparative Historical Gaze to the Logics and Lived Experiences of the American Rust Belt.” Trajectories (Autumn 2018)  Newsletter of the American Sociological Association’s Comparative Historical Sociology section.

2018     Graduate Student Spotlight (Interview), Society for the Study of Social Problems, Community Research and Development Division, Fall 2018 Newsletter

2018     Housing, Home, and the Sociology of Flammable Landscapes: Reflections on California’s Largest Wildfire. Feature Article, Winter 2018 Newsletter of the American Sociological Association’s Section for Environmental Sociology.

2017    The Thomas Fire Fans the Flames of Southern California’s Housing Crisis.  Essay published on the Center for Culture, Nature, and Environment’s blog, Edge Effects.

2017    Love for Home in a Place Industry Left Behind. Radio podcast originally broadcast on WJMS AM Hurley, Wisconsin; rebroadcast on the Center for Culture, Nature, and Environment’s blog, Edge Effects.

2014    Tastes of Home: Food and Familiarity.  Essay published on the Center for Culture, Nature, and Environment’s blog, Edge Effects.

Writing about teaching

2020 Post for UC Press blog about teaching with Case Studies in the Environment.