Teaching CV

2018     Instructor – Westmont College. “Qualitative Methods.” Visiting professor for required mid-level sociological methods course on qualitative methods, methodologies, research design, with particularly sensitivity to social justice and ethics issues in research. SOC 109, enrollment: 12.

2018     Instructor – Westmont College. “Food Systems.” Visiting professor for upper-level seminar on social impacts of food consumption and production. Integrating community service-learning experiences, in coordination with community food insecurity organizations. KNS/AN140, enrollment: 26.

2017     Instructor – University of Chicago. “Eating a global environment: Critical perspectives of agrofood systems.”  Visiting lecturer for topics course overviewing the social, structural, and ideological tensions emerging from a globalizing food system.  ENST 23610, enrollment: 21.

2017     Guest lecturer – “Globalization through the lens of environmental sociology,” Wheaton College, in Sociology capstone course.

2017     Attendee, Teaching Effectiveness Workshops – University of Chicago Center for Teaching.  Attended a series of teaching professional development workshops, ranging from talks on creating a better lecture style to workshops on increasing in-class participation.

2017     Directed Study Instructor “Rustbelt Research Assistantship,” University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Coordinated research tasks related to dissertation fieldwork and provided feedback for undergraduate sociology majors seeking research experience. SOC199/699, enrollment: 3.

2016     Guest lecturer – “Globalization through the lens of environmental sociology,” Wheaton College, in Sociology capstone course.

2016     Awarded special citation for Teaching Excellence in the Departments of Sociology and Community and Environmental Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

2015     Textbook Curriculum developerAn Invitation to Environmental Sociology, 5th edition, by Loka Ashwood and Michael Bell, Sage Publications, 2015.  Contributed case studies, online supplementary materials, and powerpoint presentations based on the forthcoming edition of Environmental Sociology.

2015     Attendee, “Teaching in the Liberal Arts” conference, University of Chicago Center for Teaching, in coordination with Liberal Arts Diversity Officer Organization.  Participated in a three-day workshop exploring issues of diversity, research, and course design at teaching-centered institutions.

2015     Guest lecturer“Agricultural commodity chains,” University of Wisconsin-Madison, in People, Land, and Food (Geography 309).

2015     Co-Instructor – “Cultural Sociology,” graduate-level seminar, University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Coordinated and co-led seminar surveying cultural sociology with senior graduate students. SOC 901, enrollment: 8.

2015     Teaching Assistant – Writing Intensive Course: “Survey of Sociology,” University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Prepared twice-weekly lectures for two small classes covering sociological imagination, critical thinking, argument formation, writing and oral presentations, in coordination with a team of five fellow TAs. SOC 210, with Dr. Joe Conti, enrollment: 21.

2015     Attendee, “Writing Across the Curriculum” workshop, University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Participated in multi-day training in designing, grading, providing oral and written feedback, and coordinating peer reviews in writing-intensive courses.

2014     Guest lecturer – “Globalization and agricultural commodities,” University of Wisconsin-Madison, in CES 248 (Environmental Sociology), and InterAg 165.

2014     Teaching Assistant – “Agriculture and Social Change in Western History,” University of Wisconsin-Madison. Designed weekly multimedia lessons for four weekly class sessions, graded, and crafted exam review and in-class exercises complementing lectures on agricultural history. CES 230, with Dr. Jess Gilbert, enrollment: 60.

2014     Teaching Assistant – “International Issues in Agriculture, Environment and Life Sciences,” University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Coordinated guest lecturers, graded, and presented two lectures to second-semester freshmen in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.  InterAg 165, with Dr. John Ferrick, enrollment: 48.

2014     Course participant – “Teaching Seminar in Sociology,” University of Wisconsin-Madison. Semester-long graduate course covering course design, class management, lecture writing, technology usage, and appropriate assessment selection, with syllabus design workshops and lecture practice, filming, and individualized feedback.

2013     Teaching Assistant – “People, Land, and Food,” University of Wisconsin-Madison. Redesigned the lecturer’s syllabus, created new assignments and exam questions, and guided four weekly class sessions of students through two, semester-long research projects and community service activities.  University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Geography/ Environmental Studies 309 with Dr. Holly Gibbs, through an Office of Sustainability SIRE grant, enrollment: 65.

2013     Project Assistant – Online environmental studies graduate curriculum development and course design, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Developed online course materials and new food sustainability curriculum in coordination with a team at the university’s Department of Continuing Education and the course instructor, Dr. Adrian Treves. Through an Office of Sustainability SIRE grant.

2012     Teaching Assistant – “Social Justice and the Environment: Nature, Faith, and Politics,” University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Designed a section syllabus, weekly lectures, and in-class discussion activities for four weekly classes of students; graded and provided detailed feedback on weekly reading reflections and essay exams.  Community and Environmental Sociology 541 with Dr. Michael Bell, enrollment: 80.

2012     Directed Study Instructor – “Farmland Transfer Research Assistantship,” University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Developed syllabus and conducted IRB and qualitative research training for undergraduates seeking research experience. SOC 199/699, enrollment: 3.

2010     Urban Agriculture Afterschool Educator, Joshua Farm, Harrisburg, PA.